The best paint brands in Qatar will make sure you get the best finish!

Using the best paint brands ensures the best finish

When setting up your home, restaurant, office, store, or some other interior space, one of the first things you think about is colour. But before you dive in with your chosen colour, you should take the time to find out about the paint brands there are to choose from. Choosing the best interior paint is the fastest way to get the feel and style you want in a space. Whether you want to follow current trends or create a space that is just you, there is a paint for the job. The right preparation, the right finish, the right colour palette and, above all, quality is what makes the difference between an interior design success and a fail.

With so many colours and finishes out there, even once you have the paint brand you want it can be hard to know where to go from there. To make the choice easier, we have put together this explanation of the different paint finishes, the colour combinations that are always winners, and a list of the best interior paint brands in Qatar.

Choosing colour made easy – play to the room

You may think that white is white. Sorry to tell you, but you are dead wrong. And it isn’t just white! The key is not choosing a colour that will fight your furnishings, fixtures, and flooring, and that won’t make you regret ever watching The Block when a trend fades. Some good tips to follow are:

  1. Think about the use of the room – The paint colour you choose will set the mood of the room. Dramatic, subtle, cosy, stylish – all of these can be set by the colour, and it is important to choose the mood based on how you use the room. A bedroom with a bright and insistent colour will not create the calming space you need to relax, but if you want a living room that pops, a bright white with feature of a bright colour like indigo will really bring out the space.
  2. Do not make rash decisions – So you’ve painted the test patch and you like it, now what? Now you wait. Sleep on it. Do not just get stuck in and wake up with a paint hangover. Light changes in a space and you may wake up feeling differently.
  3. Always use the test pot – Colours do not look the same in the tin as they do on the wall. Always check that the light and the substrate colours do not alter the paint beyond recognition. We have a whole page of painting tips here.
  4. Choose for what you have, not want you wish you had – Though the internet is a wonderful tool it can also lead to mistakes. Seeing a colour work amazingly in one space does not mean it will work amazingly in all spaces. Light, ceiling height, furnishing and fixtures all play a role.

A look at what is trending in colour right now

When we get home we want to feel ensconced and safe, away from the world and worries. This need for cosiness is driving the surge in popularity of colours that evoke comfort and relaxation. Muted tones that inspire relaxation are popular, from grey hues to beiges, pale pinks to faded green tones, these colours promote rest. And of course if you want a space to clear and empty the mind, there are always all those whites.

As well as the cosy palette, the trend for pairing bold colours with a simple monochrome is still going strong. Bold, dark wall colours regularly make most popular lists. Though Millennial Pink may be on the way out, arsenic greens are still making their mark.

The lows and highs of sheen – from flat to gloss

While ‘gloss’ and ‘flat’ may be self explanatory, things get a bit hazier when the eggshells and satins start appearing. Not only that, but there are ways in which these finishes are used and ways in which they are not – unless you want to be unconventional it helps to understand which surfaces normally use which paint. These conventions also apply for outdoor paints. The different sheens and uses of these paints are:

These paints have the lowest levels of glossiness of all the finishes available, at roughly 0-10% sheen. This means they are non-reflective and will hide surface blemishes and inconsistencies, effectively smoothing the surfaces on which they are painted. These are mostly used for walls, and have a smooth and velvety appearance.

These are the “mid-sheen” finishes. They have some reflectivity (satin is slightly glossier than eggshell, which looks like its namesake), and are more durable than the flat and matte finishes. Because of this, they are often used in more demanding spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, and satin is often used for doors and trim.

The most reflective of the decorative paints, these are traditionally used for skirting boards, doors, mouldings, window, and other trim. It is also the toughest finish. Due to their high levels of sheen, gloss finishes show up imperfections, so it is important to prepare the substrate beforehand.

Head to our architectural coatings overview for a closer look at the ways decorative coatings are used inside and outside a building.

The Best Interior Paint Brands in Qatar

Through all the endless colours one thing remains constant – the highest quality paint brands. We have a range to choose from, and what qualifies as “the best” comes down to the paint that provides the best finish, value for money, range, and overall satisfaction. Ultimately the best interior paint is the one that gives you the colour, finish, and quality that you want.

Interior Paint BrandBrand DescriptionProduct Example
Asian PaintsAsia’s third largest paint company with manufacturing facilities the world over, Asian Paints has a wide range of interior wall finishes. These include textured finishes, and are available in luxury, premium, and economy options.Royale Luxury Matt Emulsion – a wall finish in rich matt designed to provide opulent colour.
HempelHempel decorative provides the Middle East with a wide range of decorative coatings for everything from civil structures and stadia to homes. Topaz Matt Emulsion – a high quality acrylic copolymer topcoat with excellent opacity.
JotunJotun produce a range of decorative coatings in a wide array of colours and finishes. Their ranges include Fenomastic (for walls every day) and Lady Design (with textures to add character).Fenomastic Wonderwall – a luxurious silk finish with superior washability.
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